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Happy Samhain 2021

Merry Meet!

It is early morning on Samhain (Halloween). I wanted to pull a spread of cards from different decks for this turn of the wheel:

In the center of the spread the Halloween Oracle's Scrying card says it's time to focus on my intuition and divination this turn of the wheel, to cut out noise and really trust myself.

Next to it looking to the future is the Magick of You's Eunoia card. This card is about life finding balance, the natural cycle of letting some things go so that new things can grow in their place.

The Lantern Oracle brings me Inner Integration in relation to the past. This card is all about finding the things we have loved in past versions of ourselves, in our life so far, and intregrating them better into who we are now.

Two strong women top the spread from the Elle Que oracle: ESTAFANIA (she who surrenders) and BRISE (she who surprises). These women carry messages of releasing myself from chains and having surprising revelations.

Next to these, at the top, we have three cards pulled from my test version of my brand new 50 Extraordinary Dragons Deck: The Brine Drake who is all about filtering and clarity, The Inferninaris Firewing who tells of transformation and purification, and the Young Forest Guardian who tells me to embrace my playful curiosity.

At the bottom we have three Rune Dragons - The Menant, The Behdety, and the Labryinth. These mean good fortune, the middle of things, and meditation/cycles.

Bracketing them, the final two cards are from Faeries of the Forest: The Green Woman (Balance) and the Daffodil (New Beginnings).

So this reading speaks of a focus on trusting myself, integrating things I loved in the past (filtering what I don't need anymore out!), and letting other things go. Breaking chains and finding revelations to transform myself. That right now I'm in the middle of things, but have food fortune and balance at my back as I walk the labyrinth to new beginnings.

Hope my samhain reading has been inspiring - try one of your own!

Blessed be! Happy Halloween!


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