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Learn about the dragons in this huge full color lore book!  Begins with the smallest dragons and ends with the largest.  Habits, diet, and other details are included (varies for each species).  


The dragons and their lore is inspired by a combination of real wildlife, folklore, mythology, fantasy, and crypto-zoology. The lore is aimed at "dragon watching" in our world just like bird watching or butterfly watching.  There are some more traditional dragons like the ruby and gold dragons as well as wacky dragons like the pen snatcher or dairy drake.


  • 6x9 inches, 400 pages.  Hand signed.
  • 200 new pages, 200 remastered pages (more detail added, colors adjusted, better lore!)
  • Hardcover features collectible grade high quality paper and printing.  Paperback features standard printing.

Dragon Scale Extended Edition

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