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Cards are a unique oracle or prompt deck accessory!  They can be used for both intuition and inspiration readings with any deck.


Simply place a core card at the center (core) of an oracle or prompt reading . Tips & directions to help you use them are on the back of each core card. 


SET A is 40 hex shaped cards including:

  • General topics (life path, goals, solutions, love etc)
  • Seasonal themes inspired by the Neopagan Wheel of the Year,
  • Elemental themes (earth, air, fire, water, metal etc)
  • Celestal themes (sun, moon phases, stars etc)
  • Two blank hex shaped cores to make your own


SET B is 39 cards including:

  • Smaller squares/diamonds for 4 card pulls.
  • Larger squares/diamonds for 7 to 8 card pulls.
  • Thinner rectangles for 8 card pulls.  
  • Hexs or 6 card pulls. 
  • Topics include everything from challenges and quests to characters, creatures, and events.  Seven cards for days of the week are included too!


Core Cards

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