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This deck features 101 different dragons you can use for oracle readings or creative prompts.


  • Size: 2.5" x 3.5" (same size as standard US poker decks)
  • 101 Cards, each with a different dragon
  • Printed on 11.4-pt. thickness, 310 gsm black core card stock
  • Deluxe two part plastic case AND fabric bag to protect your cards
  • Getting Started directions and tips included too!

101 Dragons Oracle Deck

  • Each card has a picture of the dragon, it's type/species, and two different meanings or sets of keywords. These meanings represent  different ways the dragon could be interpreted. For example the Taco Dragon can mean "Cravings ~ Hunger" OR "Too much ~ Full".  The deck is designed to be portable and easy to shuffle and use, while having around 300 different meanings!

    You can choose to interpret the cards as:

    • The meaning(s) you feel most apply.
    • Place the card sideways and use the meaning at the bottom. 
    • Use the left meaning if the card is upright and the right meaning if it is reserved.
    • A combo of all the meanings or the need to balance the two sides. 

    A little getting started guide is included with the deck for tips on how to use the cards.

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