Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy your work?
I saw your work for sale on ____?
  • Many of books, prints, and other projects are available right here on RareDragons.Shop

  • You can also buy my books directly from stores like amazon, barnes & noble, walmart etc.  These are printed and shipped by my publisher (so I can't sign them)

  • Inked Gaming also uses my art on their product (I am paid royalties). 

  • These, plus my kickstarters, patreon, and in person events are the ONLY way to get my work. 

  • IF YOU SEE MY WORK ELSEWHERE like on Ebay, Etsy, Rebubble, or other t-shirt sites please let me know.  It's either someone stealing or a scam and I will want to have it removed.

Can I get ___ for free? Or a Discount?
  • I cannot offer free art, books, decks and so forth for free.

  • You cannot use my artwork anywhere for free (see "Can I Use Your Art" FAQ below)

  • I do offer discounts on commissions, prints, and original art to Patreon subscribers.

  • I do sometimes offer discounts and freebees as parts of sales here on RareDragons.Shop - see the front page of the site for details if there's a sale going on.

  • We do have giveaways on twitch streams too, and sometimes at book releases!

  • I DO sometimes take partial payments for commissions as PR, booth space, or free product.  It very much depends on the project. 

  • I also can sometimes donate product we have a lot of stock on for raffles/causes at events that I am a guest at. 

But I have this problem or tragedy.... so can I get a discount NOW?

Not to sound harsh, but we ALL have stuff going on. Sending me a sob story is a great way to make sure you DON'T get a discount or freebies.  However, if something you got from my store got damaged or stolen let me know, I HATE when this sort of thing happens and will try to help if possible.  Also, if you have a one-time emergency that delays a payment for a kickstarter or something, let me know.  I'm usually very understanding so long as I'm informed of the issue via a polite message that isn't crazy long or full of whining. But please, PLEASE, DO NOT send me messages about everything going wrong in your life, it's super weird from someone I've never met.  (And even weirder that this is now part of my FAQ based on how often it happens).  Thank you! :D

I can re-sell, retail, or in any way sell your products?

My products are small press/small print runs.  They are not generally for bulk resale unless you are also a small store who has contacted me for permission.  You CAN, of course, resell my books at used bookstores or choose to stock new books from my publisher for sale in your bookstore, but other items like art prints and decks are NOT for resale unless you have contacted me for a specific resale agreement.

Will you be at ______?
Can I see you in person?
Can I buy items and pick them up in person?

Any upcoming events are listed on the events page of this site.  I'm really busy so I don't do 1 on 1 meetings or personally deliver orders most of the time.  If you need to meet in person about a large commission please go got the commissions page to contact me with the details of your project first.

Can I give you a gift?

Over time more and more amazing folks have contacted me with gifts.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!
While I greatly appreciate the gesture I have very limited wall space and no display space for fragile things at all (we have many cats and dragons, they will break things!).  If you made/drew/painted me something please send a photo or scan via email or in the art-share on our discord channel.  If you'd like to support me please join Patreon for monthly support.

Can I use your art for ____?
Can I license your art for ____?

The work shown my on site is copyrighted and is used in my own products and projects (or commissioned by others for theirs). It is not for public use or licensing for commercial use. I do sell prints of many of my paintings and drawings - if you don't see the one you want listed in the prints store on this site just drop me an email and ask.  YOU MAY NOT RE-POST MY ART ON YOUR WEBSITE, IT IS COPYRIGHTED.

Can I HIRE you?

I do commercial art commissions. I do not do personal commissions at this time. Visit my commissions page for details.

Do you teach?

I don't do formal classes at this time. I do sometimes do workshops events and I'm always happy to answer questions while painting live on twitch.

Can you help me set up my project or Kickstarter?
Can you give me advice on crowdfunding?
Can you help me publish my book?

I'd love to help everyone, but I simply don't have the time.  You can ask me general questions on my discord, at events,  or during twitch streams.  The most important factors for crowdfunding and publishing are to learn marketing and business or work with a company or partner who does.  For book publishing you should plan on hiring a good editor and, if you are not an artist, a good cover artist/designer.  You can ask other authors to recommend someone, google it, or most publishers (like those noted below) have resources for hiring editors and designers too.

What printers and publishers do you use?

  • I work with  Kindle Direct Publishing and Ingram Spark for book publishing. I recommend Kindle Direct for folks looking to do black and white paperbacks or digital books only and Ingram if you want full color books and/or hardcovers.  Both have decent bulk printing rates

  • I use DriveThruCards for deck printing (I used to use MPC, but changed to Drive Thru a few years ago and recommend them for all US oracle and playing card deck printing)..

  • For fabric printing, mugs etc I worked with both Inked Gaming and Printful.

  • For most other printing needs I use GotPrint or print things myself using a high quality large format print and archival paper/inks.

What art supplies do you use?
  • I use Sharpie and Faber-Castell Pens for most of my real-media inkwork.

  • I use Arteza, Daniel Smith, Koi, Gansai Tambi and Shin-han watercolors

  • I used Canson XL watercolor paper or illustration board

  • I use Arteza Gouche and watercolor brush pens

  • I use Arteza Acrylic Paint markers and gelpens for white details.

  • I use Arteza and Princeton brushes (mostly)

  • For digital painting/drawing/inking/coloring I use Clip Studio Paint with a Huion Tablet.


Are you single?

Nope, sorry! I'm totally taken by an amazing man, a bunch of creatures, and my work. :)

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