Oracle Decks

Merry Meet! I've had the honor to create a number of oracle decks with the help of Kickstarter and Patreon supporters. Below you can find information about each deck as well as any we have in stock (and their matching lore books too). 

Hexcores EXAMPLE.png

NEW! HexCores

HexCore cards are a new and unique oracle deck accessory!  They are large 5-inch hexagon shaped cards that are placed at the center (core) of an oracle reading. 


Simply choose a HexCore card that fits the theme of your reading. Then place the corresponding cards around it.  You can use any oracle deck or a combination of decks - works best with tarot size cards or smaller.

The labels on the edges of the HexCore help you to easily remember what each card represents.  The resulting layout is visually stunning and resembles a flower!

Green Leaves

NEW! Botanical Beasts

Brand new deck full of creatures inspired by plants, tree, and flowers!

  • 75 Cards

  • Tarot-sized 2.75" x 4.75" Deck

  • Pocket-size 2.5" x 3.5" Deck

  • 4x6 Print guide OR Digital PDF

50 Extraordinary Dragons

Celebrate my 50th book and 8th oracle deck packed with amazing dragons!

A unique oracle 75-card deck WITH included mini book (full lore book optional). Features horizontal and vertical cards you can use separately or mix together! 

Beverage Beasts

A fun and whimsical 60-card Oracle Deck where each card has dual meanings. 


Simple directions to get you started are included in the box. The back of this deck matches my first two DRC decks and their expansions so you can mix them to create custom decks!

Arcane Creatures

Vibrant powerful creatures await in the 77-card Arcane Creatures Oracle Deck


Meanings listed on the cards, book optional.

Rune Dragons Decks

Rune Dragons -  50 dragons inspired by Scandinavian Runes, Anglo-Saxon Runes, and Witches Rune.

Rune Dragons: Ancient Egypt  - 34 dragons inspired by mythic symbols that held power in Ancient Egypt.

Decks include reference cards with meanings for quick reference and have matching backs so you can mix them.


8x10 Guide/art books to match are available, but not required.

Faeries of the Forest

Meet the Faeries of the Forest:  Dryads, Pixies, Trolls, Moss Folk, Giants and more!  Brought to life in a deck of cards and optional full color guide book.

The Faeries of the Forest Deck can be collected for the artwork, used as playing cards, and/or used for oracle/divination purposes (also works for cartomancy).

Dragons & Other Rare Creatures

Dragons & Other Rare Creatures combines many creatures from my field guides into 225 different cards you can mix and match to create your own perfect deck(s).


All cards in the series are designed to work without a book (meanings printed directly on the cards) and have matching backs so they can be mixed and used to create a custom deck.

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