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Become a part of what I create!

Joining in

There are a number of ways you can take part in what I create including watching streams on my twitch, posting or commenting on the forum, backing a kickstarter for one of my projects, attending an event I'm speaking or vending at, or subscribing.  Subscribing is the biggest way you can take part in what I create as subscribers get rewards, sneak previews, and to make suggestions, give feedback, and vote on things we are creating. 


You can read about subscriptions and join below with a direct RareDragons Membership for the best prices and rewards or if you prefer you can also subscribe on Patreon or Ko-Fi (not quite as good a deal as they take a cut).

Loyaty Points & Badges

Creating a user account here on RareDragons.Shop is free!  Simply click the LOG IN option on the site's menu (upper right). User accounts are handy for creating a wish list, tracking orders, posting or commenting on the forum, and numerous other features.  Once you have a user account you can earn loyalty points and badges. 


Loyalty points are rewarded when you spend any money on and you may also get bonus points as part of kickstarter rewards or other special offers. You can redeem these points on your user account "My Rewards" page.

Badges are rewarded when you meet certain requirements.  You MUST have a under account to get badges and they will be listed on the profile page of your account. If you earn a badges and we are shipping you an order, subscriber rewards, or kickstarter rewards, we'll include a physical button you can wear! Common badges are below, but you may be able to earn special secret badges at events or as part of kickstarters.

Dragon Watcher


This badge shows you are a subscriber on RareDragons.Shop, Patreon, or Ko-fi.  (Badge will be removed if you stop subscribing).

Special coupons and more!


Dragon Star


Awarded to the biggest supporters based on how long and how much you have supported on kickstarter, subscribing, and in store orders.

Special extra loot and exclusive items!


Dragon Emissary

For those who share my creations with the world and help out in person with packing kickstarters, working booths, twitch streams, reviews, posts etc.

May be featured as a guest reviewer, receive branded loot, plus loot packs and even subscriptions to gift to others.


Dragon Editor


The folks on my editing, proofing, and core feedback team.

Special bonuses and gifts along with payment for their services (money or merchandise).


RareDragons.Shop Subscriptions (NEW)

We now have subscription plans directly on this site! Subscribing will get you access to a special group on the site where you'll get exclusive content to download like coloring pages and PDFs of new books!  You can also make creature and project requests, vote in polls that help us design our new projects, and get special sneak previews! 

Some subscriptions also include rewards we ship to you like signed trading cards, stickers, loot, and even super-discounted original art.  More details about these rewards below or click the button to go right to the subscription plan options.

Why offer subscriptions?

I work with subscribers to bring new creatures to life for coloring books, field guides, how-to books, playing cards, oracle decks, prompt decks, games, and more! Subscribers inspire and push me to try new things, bigger projects, and challenging ideas. THANK YOU!  Having your feedback throughout the design and implementation of a project means we can make each project even better and bigger.  The finished projects are then printed via kickstarter funding with special bonuses for subscribers if they choose to support the kickstarter too.

Physical Rewards

Monthly mailings of physical rewards occur between the 15th and the 20th of each month. Subscribers can choose from plans that include just collectible cards, flat loot, deluxe loot, and even original art.
FLAT LOOT includes:  mini prints, stickers,  and bookmarks.
DELUXE LOOT includes:  pins, keychains, magnets, coasters etc.
Collectible cards each feature a creature with name and either scientific name, a fact, or even an inspirational quote.
Each is hand signed and dated on the back. While the art may appear later in playing card or oracle decks, subscribers are the only ones who get hand signed collectible cards.

Creature Requests & Original Art

All subscribers can suggest/request or vote on creatures for our projects.  If you are getting original artwork as part of your subscription please let me know if you prefer a specific type of creature (dragons, reptiles, faeries etc) or specific colors and I'll try to be sure you get art you'll love.  Otherwise I send as large a variety as possible to each subscriber.

Small Creature

Drawings & Paintings

Large / Detailed Creature Drawings & Paintings

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