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The Dragon Scale Oracle is for for new and experienced oracle readers, with vibrant cards that shuffle well and are easy to interpret. There are a total of 200 cards available (maybe expansions in the future too).  You can use it as one huge deck or build one (or more) customized smaller decks.


Comes as four different 50 card decks with getting started directions, an optional larger 40 page guidebook with more detailed directions and spreads is available too.

  • Each card features full color art with a name, size, and two simple meanings
  • As the reader you can choose which meaning(s) apply to your reading. The included guide will help you learn to interpret the cards as well as providing a range of spreads for you to try.
  • Tarot-sized cards (2.75" x 4.75"), 11.4-pt. thickness, 310 gsm black core stock.
  • Soft fabric bag and box.

Dragon Scale Oracle

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