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Current & Upcoming Projects

Oracle of Water

Now on Kickstarter

The first in a series of elemental oracle decks!
Printing and shipping very fast this summer.


Dice, Bone, and Gemstones

Fully funded in March 2024

Finished and released except for Holographic Decks which are still printing (they take longer).  Expected to ship by early August.

More Mythic Cats

Coming fall 2024 (aiming for Witchstarter in October and shipping either around the holidays or first thing in 2025.

A reprint of mythic cats, plus new holographic edition, plus the cosmic kittens expansion that will ALSO be available in both standard and holographic. 

Oracle of Metal

Planned for late 2024 releasing early 2025 - work ongoing

The second elemental deck will be clockwork/steampunk/metal themed.

Color Unicorn.jpg

Mythic Wildlife

Coming in 2025 - work ongoing

This companion project will match the style of Mythic Cats and have all sorts of mythology and wildlife inspired creatures ad hybrids.  Book, coloring book, and deck planned.  This is very detailed so I'm allowing time to build up these images.

More projects ideas...

We have LOTS of projects on the "maybe" list. 
Here's a little peak at some of the things I'm brainstorming for future projects:

  • Creature Traits deck & how to book

  • Mythic Gateways & Keys

  • Creatures of Dystopia / Creatures of Utopia

  • Creatures of Water & Sky
  • Creatures of Rock & Stone
  • Rune Dragons: South America
  • Of the Trees (tree related creatures, lore, etc)
  • More Mortimer & Ollie Picture Books
  • Ink Gremlins Picture Book
  • Octomouse Picture Book
  • Milnerva Moonshadow & Bayou Witch Picture Book
  • Botanical Beasts II
  • Cute Deadly Creatures
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