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Current & Upcoming Projects

Dragon Scale Oracle
& Extended Book

This fall is the 10th anniversary of my first field guide: Dragon Scale.  We're returning to Dragon Scale to make a new 100 card oracle deck plus extend book with 200 new pages and more. Kickstarter launch on September 21st and will run for one month (four weeks).


Shipping and release will  be early 2024.

Cute Creatures Project TBA

Coming in early 2024! Name and details to be added soon!

Creatures of Dystopia / Creatures of Utopia

Coming in 2024! A pair of bestiary guide books, oracle decks, and playing cards.

This project will will feature things like cyberpunk unicorns and mermaids, time travel, parallel dimensions, and alternate timelines. There will be a focus on darker and more gritty themes for Dystopia, and cleaner more polished light themes for Utopia.

  • Two 7x10 guide books in hardcover and paperback that work both as lore books AND as oracle deck guides

  • Set of Light and Dark Oracle Decks and Playing cards.

  • Two coloring books.

Introducing: Mythic Gateways & Key Cards

Coming in 2024 starting with Creatures of Dystopia/Utopia.

These gateways will be themed to each new deck and even some past decks.  Each gateway reading will work with poker or tarot size cards and you'll also get some new magical key cards with each project that have different artifacts to unlock the gates.  Spoiler: We'll have SPECIAL key cards that you can only get during special events or as subscribers too, so your collection will grow over time.


More projects in the works...

We have LOTS of projects on the "maybe" list.  Here's a little peak at some of the things I'm brainstorming:

  • Creature Traits deck & how to book

  • Creatures of Water & Sky
  • Creatures of Rock & Stone
  • Rune Dragons: South America
  • Of the Trees (tree related creatures, lore, etc)
  • More Mortimer & Ollie Picture Books
  • Ink Gremlins Picture Book
  • Octomouse Picture Book
  • Milnerva Moonshadow & Bayou Witch Picture Book
  • Botanical Beasts II
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