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Current & Upcoming Projects

Dragon Scale Oracle
& Extended
400 page Book


Shipping complete except for hardcovers as some were damaged coming to us and we've had issues getting replacements.  Remaining hardcovers are shipping now with public release in early April.

Dice, Bone, and Gemstones

Fully funded in March 2024

Project includes a guide book, coloring book, decks in three sizes, holographic deck and more! Currently finishing all the art and layout.  Expected to print and ship in early summer.

Fantastical Loot '24

Coming to Kickstarter Summer 2024

This project will focus on new loot including earrings, keychains, bookmarks, stickers and more!  We have some really special things in mind and backers will get amazing deals.  We'll make extra of the most popular loot items for fall shows.

Mythic Wildlife

Coming to Kickstarter Fall 2024

This companion project will match the style of Mythic Cats and have all sorts of mythology and wildlife inspired creatures ad hybrids.  Book, coloring book, and deck planned.  We'll also be reprinting Mythic Cats to offer as a set AND there will be holographic versions of BOTH oracle decks!

More projects ideas...

We have LOTS of projects on the "maybe" list. 
Here's a little peak at some of the things I'm brainstorming for future projects:

  • Creature Traits deck & how to book

  • Mythic Gateways & Keys

  • Creatures of Dystopia / Creatures of Utopia

  • Creatures of Water & Sky
  • Creatures of Rock & Stone
  • Rune Dragons: South America
  • Of the Trees (tree related creatures, lore, etc)
  • More Mortimer & Ollie Picture Books
  • Ink Gremlins Picture Book
  • Octomouse Picture Book
  • Milnerva Moonshadow & Bayou Witch Picture Book
  • Botanical Beasts II
  • Cute Deadly Creatures
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