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Breaking Down Inner Walls

This time of year is traditionally used for introspection and shadow work. As if my subconscious mind knows this it sent me a series of strange nightmares in October. Then, earlier this week, I had a dream that seemed mundane - it was simply about several different trips to the store to buy groceries. Yet my mundane grocery dream came with some very magical feelings and an important lesson.

I was being reminded that sometimes when we feel trapped, stick, or just not as free as we would like... those walls of our own making. Are there people who are demanding of our time and energy? Sure. But we are often the most demanding and restricting people in our lives. The prisons we have are mental and emotional ones of our own making. My dream was letting me know it's time to break down some of those walls in my own head and heart.

Recently I've been delving more into soul searching and shadow themed oracle decks. These are decks

designed for looking within and learning. The two I like the best so far are the Magick of You and the Lantern Oracle.

The Magick of You focuses on keys that unlock hidden truths about ourselves. The cards are glossy, which we know I don't love, and easily show wear right away. But they shuffle fairly well and have crazy beautiful, surreal artwork.

Each card contains the name, a short meaning, and a number for easy lookup in the included book. The book asks questions, suggests meanings, and also includes a ritual for each card. there are 36 cards in the deck.

The the Lantern Oracle is a little larger both in card size and number (44 cards) with thicker stock and a matte finish. They are more durable cards and less slippery, but the size and thickness makes them a little harder to shuffle.

This deck focuses on maiden, mother, crone, and guardian women. I love some of the art, other images not as much. But the theme and focus of the deck is great - it's about casting light on things in the shadows and learning from them.

As with the first deck the cards have meanings and numbers for easy use. The book contains more detailed meanings, questions, and messages related to maiden, mother, crone, or guardian. These two decks can easily be used together as shown in the spread photo above.

In this reading the Magick of You presents us with BUHO - Transform the way you see, and PANACEA - There is a solution to every problem. The Lantern Oracle says to look at Distorted Desires - is what we WANT what we actually NEED? And also to beware of Trusting Tricksters - people who charm their way into our lives and earn our trust, only to abuse it.

I'm not sure I'm ready to design a shadow deck of my own yet, but I do feel there may be a chance to do a shadow and light side to the upcoming Botanical Beasts project. Or maybe even do it as a pair of 40 card decks. I feel like balance is important in most of my projects, but I also feel like it may be time for me to do a deeper, more hard hitting deck. Especially since it's all focused on plants and trees ... and deep roots should mean deeper meanings. I'm still in the brainstorming stages of the project while I finish my 8th deck, so we'll see! Patreon subscribers will be a big part of shaping Botanical Beasts as well, starting in mid-late November.

Wishing you all a happy Samhain and Halloween! Blessed be!


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