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Six Card Weekly Spread

Mondays are a great day to pull cards for a weekly spread so let's try a simple six card spread. I pulled three cards from the new Beverage Beasts Oracle and three more from the expansions that can be used with it:

We can see that the week begins with some charged and possibly chaotic magic or energy thanks to the Spiked Coffee Fairy. It is paired with the Sweet Feast card (dessert dragons) reminding us that moderation is needed and not to overdo things! So I should pace myself and not charge into things too quickly as well as being prepared for magic in a chaotic form.

Midweek (around the time of the 50th Kickstarter Launch that I have nerves about!) we get the Pina Colada Coatl. This card is all about making your own luck, going after your own dreams and so forth rather than waiting for them to come to you. This is paired with the Time Keeper Owl (clockwork) who represents time itself. I think this means go for it all out with the Kickstarter, ask for what I need to make this project happen, and don't count the passing minutes after launch and stress out!

Wrapping up the week we have the Voodoo Drake who is about respecting traditions and irrational fears. This is paired with the Taffy card (dessert dragons again) meaning slow enjoyment. Since my main source of fears/worries is that the kickstarter launch and first week won't go well this is helping set my mind at ease a little - telling me I'm probably scared/worried about things I don't need to be and I should remember to enjoy the process.

You can join the discord to share your own weekly spread in our OracleReadings channel!


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