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The Literary Faeries deck is designed to be intuitive to use with each card featuring the name of the faerie, the writing or book type it is inspired by, and keywords to help you interpret a meaning. Getting started directions are included.


The theme symbols in the deck can aid in interpreting the cards too.  For example: if the heart appears in the corner of many cards in your spread it can suggest romance or love are a focal point in the reading. Should you use the theme symbols?  The writing type?  The keywords? A combo of all three?  YOU decide!


Spread Cards:  also includes a set of 10 larger 4x6 cards. These feature collectible "book cover" prints on one side (including a fake book title!).  The other side of the card has directions for a unique themed spread.  These spreads can be used for oracle OR creative prompt purposes. 



  • 60 Tarot-sized cards (2.75" x 4.75"), 11.4-pt. thickness, 310 gsm black core stock.
  • Getting started directions & theme key included
  • Soft fabric bag to protect your cards included (color varies)
  • Metal Window Tin for the deck
  • Spread Cards

Literary Faeries Oracle Deck

$40.00 Regular Price
$32.00Sale Price
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