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The 75 page guidebook is 7 x 10 inches, full color, PDF Download.  You can use it with any of the Loracle cards or follow the included suggestions for making your own cards. Topics included are:

  • Introduction to the Prompt/Oracle, Core, and Spread Cards
  • Different types of prompt and oracle tools you can use with the core and spread cards including types of decks, making your own cards, and even using other tools like runes!
  • How to plan spreads, wildcard random spread, and dynamic spreads
  • Combining core cards and spread cards
  • Using the tools specifically for Oracle Readings, Writing, Game Lore/Design, Art, Meditation, Affirmations, Character Design, Creature Design, and Location/World Lore.
  • Dealing with being blocked and tips on getting motivated and inspired.
  • Tips on using each of the 25 different spread cards
  • Tips on using the 32 different core cards

Loracle Guide (PDF)

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